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Click here It could completely change how people consume sports and how athletes train and ultimately perform. .At the same time, the consumption of that content is evolving based on consumer preference.But really, its just Steph Currys world were all living.Collectively, we are on the eve of an exciting infusion of energy and imagination into the media landscape, and we believe that 2016 will be the year that both early adopters and mainstream consumers begin in earnest the migration to the fast-emerging alternatives to cable.

Understanding the following hot marketing trends and planning for them can help you succeed in 2016. 2018!

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One hot trend is virtual reality.As virtual reality becomes scaled and highly adopted, it will seamlessly integrate digital imagery with the real worldsignificantly impacting how you can engage customers, states Microsoft in the following infographic.
It will start most heavily in the gaming industry, but as the technology to create and consume becomes more accessible, smart marketers will look for ways to bring their products to virtual life.I am also very curious to see how the.A.

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