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    Greek philosopher Plato, who understood humans very deeply. Plato believed that the highest level of education is when you have fully experienced good, beauty, and truth. When the

    prisoner looks up to the sky and looks into the Sun, and recognizes it as the cause of all that is around him? The Allegory of the Cave by Plato represents an extended metaphor that is to contrast the way in which we perceive and believe in what is reality. It would never be an easy path to walk down, and it would take a lot of struggling. They are actually names of things that are not visible to us, things that we can only grasp with the mind. Upon returning to the Cave, the prisoner would metaphorically (and literally) be entering a world of darkness yet again, and would be faced with the other unreleased prisoners. In Allegory of the Cave there there are two elements to the story; the fictional metaphor of the prisoners, and the philosophical opinion in that the allegory is supposed to represent, hence presenting us with the allegory itself. Humans are contended that they have the security of a family, of a society, of religion around them. In life, people go out of their comfort zones all of the time. Just like prisoners in Platos Allegory of the Cave, we are told every day to invest our time and interest into the subject of these advertisements, and to accept the forms of reality they serve. Most human beings are contended with the "consensus reality.e. Plato tells a story of prisoners in a cave with no mobility and the only thing they can see are shadows cast by figures behind them. He opens with Glaucon talking to Socrates. No one wants to step out of it because I their life, the norm is all there. Through this, one can conclude that most of the human beings would rather live drafting writing a comfortable, happy and familiar life, than a life full of challenges and pain, which would ultimately lead them to the "larger truths of life". To the back of the prisoners, lie the puppeteers who are casting the shadows on the wall, which the prisoners are perceiving as reality. By publishing this, Plato hoped to get people to think on their own and begin to question things and not just accept whatever is presented to them. The questioner, in spite of these obstacles, starts exploring this new world to seek reality. Only the best can be found when you make an attempt to extend yourself as a human being.

    The others cannot understand something they have yet to experience. The comfort of the perceivement, a world that is invisible to the naked eye article 48 weimar republic and can only be perceived by an enlightened mind. These slaves to the cave believe that the shadows are real. This Plato describes is when one can really begin to understand the good. You why i love music essay May Also Find These Documents Helpful. MegaEssays, in order to reach that high point. And the fear of the unrecognized outside world would result in the prisoner being forced to climb the steep ascent of the cave and step outside into the bright sun. quot; like the prisoner did, there is no curiosity, in Platos understanding. Thats why I went through it so many times. For the Greek philosopher Plato, the true reality exists in the world of ideas.

    Summary, response TO plato'S, allegory.Plato considers that the human life on this earth is like an ignorant and miserable life in a deep.Allegory, of, the, cave.

    Allegory of the cave summary essays

    These advertisements employ many methods of size writing button css persuasion and their influence is irresistible. Who not long ago was blind to the Form of the Good as well film caption writing test as the basic Forms in general now is aware of reality and truth. As the prisoner, the story goes on to say that one of the men has been dragged out of the cave. Because the people in the cave cannot turn around. That human beings have the capacity to know things through their.