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    my brothers throat but, luckily, he was able to keep it away from his neck. You may never know when an animal can or will attack or bite you.

    First on our list of animals is the ever-popular bear. The mountain lion is one of the most elusive cats in the wild. Bears, when an animal attacks, it is vital to understand the behavior and patterns that potentially dangerous animals display. This is where animals begin to play a biblical theology journal articles part in outdoor trips. Although these are just the main examples, there are many different animals that could cause problems for you and your adventure team. Because the snakes can be venomous, it would behoove you to constantly be scanning the ground for a place that a snake might hide out. If you have any pets with you on your journey, be sure to treat their food just like you would human food. He said attacks are extremely rare, and when they do hurt people its when theyre injured or older. We update all the time, so if there is an article you are interested in, please let us know! 4) Report any lost animal (especially dogs) immediately so that its owners may be contacted and be warned of any possible danger. 7) Realize that it isnt just predators that you need to look out for. Only when it makes contact should you play dead to show that you are not a threat. Safe distances depend on the animal. That way, the bear will know that you are human through your distinct scent. Because they are solitary and hard to spot, population estimates are difficult, though the foundation believes there are fewer than 30,000 in the country. The first dog that attacked my brother was actually just let out of quarantine for biting someone else. Hanna to use his bear spray, after which the animal fled. These animals look for an easy target. If you encounter a smaller animal like a coyote, then it will be slightly easier to scare him away, especially if you are in a big group. Rangers at Yellowstone National Park recommend hiking with bear spray, a pepper spray that inhibits a bears ability to see, smell or breathe. Somehow this triggered the dog into thinking that my brother was going to hurt the little boy and the dog immediately went into attack mode. Wash all the utensils and receptacles used in the cooking process, and then put them away. My brother opened his door to see this friendly pit bull sitting in his front yard. Ninety-one percent of people injured by bears in Yellowstone since 1970 were hiking alone or with just one companion. A while ago I received a call from my mother, it was a very unexpected call that caused me to jump into my car and immediately drive 4 hours away.

    Just keep your distance as best as possible. The park recommends avoiding hiking at dawn. And according to the doctor, dusk or night, there are certain ways to stay safe in a dangerous encounter with them. And are extremely quick on the trigger 11 Yelling for help is usually a good idea. And for each of them, they will do whatever it article takes to stay safe.

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    Attacks on corruption humans from these animals are more prevalent than writing you would think. More About This Topic, do not run, the worst thing you can do when visiting the woods is to think you know everything about that certain place. The agency reports that alligator incidents are rare. And if you think it will help. As it may trigger a chase response from the animal.

    9)  Make sure that when camping you follow proper outdoor etiquette when it comes to storing, cooking, and cleaning your food at your campsite.Bears enjoy eating, and they arent particular when it comes to meals, and they will find whatever they have to in order to survive.