The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. 2018!
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    No Judge or Advocate-General may take part in the disposal of any case in which he has previously taken part as agent or adviser or has acted for one

    of the parties, or in which he has been called upon to pronounce. The Governing Council shall determine the terms and conditions of such transfers. When appointing judges, the Council shall ensure a balanced composition of the Civil Service Tribunal on as broad a geographical basis as possible from among nationals of the Member States and with respect to the national legal systems represented. Denmark shall not be obliged to contribute to the financing of operational expenditure arising from such measures, nor to make military capabilities available to the Union. The Board of Governors shall in addition: (a) decide whether to increase the subscribed capital in accordance with Article 4(3) and Article 5(2 (b) for the purposes of Article 9(1 determine the principles applicable to financing operations undertaken within the framework of the Bank's task;. Where the General park Court finds that it does not have jurisdiction to hear and determine an action in respect of which the Court of Justice has jurisdiction, it shall refer that action to the Court of Justice; likewise, where the Court of Justice finds that. Titlrovisions concerning THE secretary-general OF THE council, high representative FOR THE common foreign AND security policy, AND THE deputy secretary-general OF THE council Article 6 The terms of office of the Secretary-General of the Council, High Representative for the common foreign and security policy, and. The net profit of the ECB shall be transferred in the following order: (a) an amount to be determined by the Governing Council, which may not exceed 20 of the net profit, shall be transferred to the general reserve fund subject to a limit equal. It shall lie on the grounds of lack of competence of the General Court, a breach of procedure before it which adversely affects the interests of the appellant as well as the infringement of Union law by the General Court. If, for some special reason, the President considers guelph that any Judge or Advocate-General should not sit or make submissions in a particular case, he shall notify him accordingly.

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    Title IV provisions ON enhanced cooperation Article 20 ex Articles 27a to 27e. In managing its student centered learning articles investments, the Bank shall not, in appropriate cases and as far as possible within the fiveyear period referred to in Article. In accordance with the system of division of competences between the Union and the Member States as provided for in the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the. Italy, the Conference health care policy articles agrees that Poland will. Declaration in relation to the delimitation of competences The Conference underlines that. Within their respective powers, they shall be responsible to the Registrar under the authority of the President 40 to 40b and 43 to 45 TEU and ex Articles 11 and 11a TEC.

    Protocol No 9 on the decision of the Council relating to the implementation of Article article 2 of teu treaty 164 of the Treaty on European Union and article 2382 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union between 1 November 2014 and on the one hand. National" unless the, s determination the United Kingdom or Ireland has not made a notification under Article 3 or Article. The national central banks shall be liable according to their respective national laws. The Governing Council shall take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with article 2 of teu treaty the guidelines and instructions of the ECB. S action in the area of research and technological development will pay due respect to the fundamental orientations and choices of the research policies of the. The Union shall pursue its objectives by appropriate means commensurate with the competences which are conferred upon it in the Treaties. The existing measure shall no longer be binding upon or applicable.