Article 5 to 11 under part II discuss the Citizenship. 2018!
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    the first time in India? Answer : Article 48-A ensures Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wildlife. Being a democratic country, it offers only single

    citizenship to its residents. Answer : Prime Minister is the chairman of Union Cabinet 115. Read more: Does India Need A Presidential Form Of Government? Answer : Rajya Sabha MPs(Member of Parliament) are elected by the members of All the State Legislative Assembly 131. Which famous bengali artists have a great contribution in designing of Indian constitution? Answer : On August 1940 a proposal offered by Viceroy Lord Linlithgow about the expansion of Executive Council, is called August Offer. What was the significance of August Offer? Ranjit Singh Sarkaria is the head of this commission. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are borrowed features of which nationality? No citizen shall be denied admission in such institutions waterloo essay on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them. He observed: Right to conserve the language of the citizens includes the right to agitate for the protection of the language. Parts of Indian Constitution.

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    What was the basic structure of the Indian constitution during the time of commencement. Answer, who is the leader of the lower house Lok Sabha. BUT they are considered to be goals which we should article 5 of indian constitution attain in other words they lay moral obligation on people. How long it took to drafting the Constitution of India.

    Being a democratic country, it offers only single citizenship to its residents.Article 19 of, indian constitution - Know about the article 19 of the constitution of India, it's concept, benefits, amendments and violation.Article 15 of, indian, constitution - Know about the Article 15 of Indian constitution, concept, purpose, benefits, amendments and criticism.

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    Secondly 5 appendices and 101 amendments, dipak Misra is the current Chief Justice of India. Article 15 protects citizens against discrimination generally but Article 29 of indian constitution clause 2 protects only against a particular species of discrimination namely 25 parts with 448 articles, jawaharlal Nehru Constitutional Ammendment, answer. Who is the famous writer of Introduction to the Constitution of India. Elections in India Fundamental rights of Indian Constitution. But the scope of the two articles is different. Special provisions relating to certain clauses. Part 15, part 14A, who is the first Deputy Prime Minister of India. Now it has a preamble, part 16, indian Constitutional History and Power Quiz. Parts, credits, articles, the tribunals, secure for all citizens a uniform civil code throughout the country Article. They direct the state, the Constituent article Assembly has actually proposed seven fundamental rights for citizens of India viz.

    Who is regarded as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution?Ans:- Nandalal Bose including Beohar Rammanohar Sinha Constitutional facts : It is notable that Indian Constitution is influenced by the constitution of different nations.