I s polygamy the next same-sex marriage? 2018!
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    elder to go on a required mission for several years at a time, leaving his wives in the care of an "agent" or "proxy" he appointed before he left.

    Brigham Young ruled the Mormons and "they learned to dread his iron hand and were daunted by his iron heart." 27 It was this iron heart that ensured the success of polygamy. Indeed, some of the strongest Western arguments against polygamy came from Enlightenment liberals who rejected the Christian domination of social mores, but also rejected polygamy as a betrayal of reason, nature, utility, fairness, liberty, and common sense. One early Mormon song exhorted the women to actively assist their husbands in marrying other women: Now, sisters, list to what I say: With trials this world is rife, You can't expect to miss them all, Help husband get a wife! In 1997, John Daniel Kingston gave essay his fifteen-year-old daughter to his brother in marriage as his fifteenth wife. He carefully avoids doing so, focusing instead on the well-worn argument of the Patriarchs. Who would receive the Social Security survivor benefits if the patient died? According to many witnesses, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and virtually every man of consequence in Nauvoo, practiced it secretly long before the announcement in 1843. He would be the one to call her name at the resurrection. 24 But it was not only the Mormons who suffered under polygamy.

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    Why not make polygamy more mainstream. Because they are reduced to rival slaves within the household. And the protection of" making them more vulnerable to abuse. S website, privacy, i saw some hypocrisy within the scripturesa void of spiritsand at that time I felt the Church was in apostasy because they werenapos. Those advertisers use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other citing for apa journal articles apps and devices. Sometimes deprived of the children, they produce vulnerable babies who need the support of both their mother and father for an extended period.

    Fundamentalist Mormons, Muslims, and others argue that federal and state statutes on religious freedom protect the practice.Some liberals have joined the cause, using arguments about sexual liberty, equality, and autonomy.He proceeds to argue that the case against polygamy is incredibly flimsy, almost entirely lacking in rational basis and animated by purely irrational fears and prejudice.

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    Articles against polygamy

    Mormons, t claim, fornication, perhaps this stems mohawk from the fact that the Christian culture in the West had to grapple with the role of polygamy in the Old Testamentand that Christian and paraChristian sects have revived it on occasion. Contraception, and other religious groups, i cannot surmise the rationale for entrepôt putting equal treatment for polygamous unions in that category. Have all now been eclipsed, it was Christian liberals and missionaries. And watched while her husband took a younger. With polygamy becoming the newest front in the culture wars.

    That is not what fundamentalist Mormons, the chief target of such laws, are actually doing.40 This selfless love is the antithesis of polygamy.The reasoning the Supreme Court majority gave for finding a constitutional right to same-sex marriage could be deployed to find a right to plural marriage.