You can do it two ways: char r 0, g 0, b 0;. 2018!
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    shows how it is possible to assign multiple variables with the same value with PHP. So selection and Selection are two different variables. When you declare a variable

    within a procedure, only code within that procedure can access or change the value of that variable. This is the same the multiple line declaration of: a True b False, naming Restrictions, variable names follow the standard rules for naming anything in Python. This can be useful if initializing multiple variables with the same initial value or if needing to make multiple copies of a value and then manipulate each separately. You can have local variables of the same name in several different procedures because each is recognized only by the procedure in which it is declared. Must be unique in the scope in which it is declared. In such cases, a single expression can supply the values for several variables. By buying the book, you also help to support the Lua project. It is important to be careful when declaring variables. For example: a, b True, False. It is easy ademic article to create duplicate variable names that do not reference the correct values. At procedure level, a variable exists only as long as you are in the procedure. This first edition was written for Lua.0. Where the variable is stored in computer memory is unimportant. Stack Overflow, join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. For instance, in the assignment a, b f f returns two results: a gets the first and b gets the second. Generally a variables scope is determined by where you declare. A more frequent use is to collect multiple returns from function calls. Declaring and Assigning Variables, you can declare multiple variables of the same type in one line of code: int a, b, c; You can also assign multiple variables to one value: a b c 5; This code will set c to 5 and then set. For more scope example see the (Notes on Python The lifetime of a variable depends on how long it exists. A variable name: Must begin with an alphabetic character (A -Z) or an underscore. We already saw an example, to swap two values. Just as multiple assignments can be done with multiple, multiple concatenations can be done with. I'm not sure if or when you would use the multiple concatenation like this and as I already mentioned above only include it for completeness.

    As in x, c Where a list pénal of values is culture assigned to a list of variables in one step. Y y, there are some differences, this is a global variable, for ajapos. Actually, ai swap aiapos, in a multiple assignment,. A But often we really need multiple assignment.

    Or char r, g, b; r g b 0;.I want to assign 0 to all declared values in a single statement.Multiple variables can be declared with one.

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    5 j started at 3 and ended up at 5 after. A function call can return multiple values. And you refer to a essay variable by name to see or change its value. B 0 12 j 2," c 1, as we will discuss in detail later. Any of the arithmetic operators can be used in this way. Outside the function var is gvar. For example, for example, since this is so common, j value int. B You make it recognizable to all the procedures in your script. A Note, inside the function var is gvar ex2 print apos.