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    be intrigued to see how the story will end. I know that coming up with unique ideas when youre just starting out is insanely hard. Let people know

    that youre new at this and that youre trying to create an awesome and most of all helpful piece of content and ask for help. This will help you get an idea of what is being written about, and around that phrase, and can give you some solid ideas for your own content. Plug in a topic, and it will help auto-generate a headline for you as well as make some basic recommendations on how to structure the headline. In my post: 1 Simple Hack to Blogger Outreach, or How to Find Friends, I cover this technique in more detail. Post Demon, alternatively, will take a loooong time. Just start writing your first blog post is not going to be perfect. My online friends help me with this. Engage with the blogger, and youll engage by extension also with his or her readers. Because itll let you get rid of your doubts and lead you to amazing results, even with your first post. Dont try to imitate a famous blogger you aspire to be like, or try to sound too professional. If you get from day one that youre not writing on your blog for yourself or your industry peers-youre writing to help you future client or customer- youll have a very focused post that will help you scale your blog and biz. It seems as though just getting started is the hardest part for most agents. Here is what the process looks like if youre a happy user of Buzzsumo: But dont think that Ill leave you all alone with a paid tool. Leave us a comment below, and dont forget to tweet and share this for us! You just need a manual on how to write your first blog post: Because itll help you avoid making basic mistakes.

    So you need to focus on quality. This really is an unique feature to Article Marketing Robot. It will always be in the heading of the articles. It might be useful to set up an alert for San Diego Insurance or something best blog articles similar.

    Ive listed the best 5-6 posts in four different categories below: Self Improvement, Life Choices, Dating.Knowing where to start can be a little difficult.To help, Ive compiled a list of the best articles based on popularity, feedback that Ive received, requests I get to republish, and length.

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    You should be able to do up to 5 best blog articles free analyses of your competitors each day. In Ahrefs, for example, this lets you scan through the days headlines quickly 000word blog posts with two interviews and a research stat. Youll see this picture, analyze your competitors and find these communities on Google. And your posts will become more and more popular. Thank them in a personal letter. And really helps with generating content ideas. The following Facebook groups will come in handy.

    When you first get started, I recommend going to popular blogs in your niche and connecting with other bloggers in the comments.Youve achieved your goal!For every hour your spend brainstorming and writing the meat and potatoes of your post, you need to spend an hour thinking and acting on how youre going to get people to read this post.