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    provide such contacts and to enable members to assist each other when working in a foreign countrysometimes by arranging accommodations, by advising on the reliability of news sources, or

    college by facilitating contacts abroadto say nothing of offering hospitality. In 2013 with nobody on the Moon or Mars or anywhere else, the most important reason to go into space is to experience going into space and convey what you see and feel to people still on earth. It should be pointed out that Hadfield didnt do what he had done on many other days, that is release a video podcast explaining something about being in space how you wash your hands without water for example or have a question/answer sessions with people. Agile Scientific Matt Hall, Evan Bianco, Diego Castañeda, Robert Leckenby, Kara Turner, Tracey Lothian Twitter: @agilegeo A bioscience and technology blog with a string focus on geophysics and geosciences, Agile also organizes hackathons, teaches coding for geoscientists and engineers, and promotes open discussion about pressing. He now lives in Winnipeg. One is that nasa and CSA and other agencies should select astronauts who are really good at explaining what it feels like to be there and even better good at looking down on earth and seeing what should be imaged from space. While I was there, a representative from the.S. Tomatosphere Lets Talk Science Twitter: @LetsTalkScience Space tomatoes! The idea is that each post will feature accumulations of cool bits of information (bytes) about spiders: spiderbytes. The jury for this award was: Annie Locas Technical Food Safety Specialist Gatineau, QC Kelly Crowe Journalist CBC Toronto ON Jim Davies Cognitive Scientist, Playwright, Artist, and Author, Carlton University Ottawa ON Mark Winston Biologist and Writer, Simon Fraser University Vancouver, BC Jury Chair: Veronique. Why is the bread wheats genome more than five times larger than a humans?

    The growing role of science and technology in development has meant that science communicators in both canadian science writers association conference the industrialized and emerging nations now share many common goals. You will have the opportunity to be the Executive Producer of the award in 2020. But the food source in these Shield lakes does not increase to the same extent.

    Casc is a national platform for.Canada s, science, centres and.

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    00 at Winnipegs Millennium Library, they dont even use mercury thermometers anymore in case one breaks and adds more mercury unnecessarily. Rather, a citizens organization dedicated to the research longterm environmental and social wellbeing of northern Canada and its peoples. He is on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee. An Indigenous people from the northwest Interior of British Columbia. Huson is from the Gitxsan Nation.

    A glance at international headlines shows a remarkable increase in higher temperatures, stronger winds, and drier lands a trifecta for igniting wildfires like weve rarely seen before.There is too much fuel on the ground, too many people and assets to protect, and no plan in place to deal with these challenges.Iswa works to obtain improved science media facilities everywhere, to get recognition of members on at least the same basis as the local media, and to maintain and improve standards of science writing generally.