Article 225 - 1 du, code p nal : Constitue une discrimination toute distinction op r e entre les personnes physiques raison de leur origine, de leur sexe, de leur situation de famille, de leur grossesse, de leur apparence physique, de leur patronyme, de leur. 2018!
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    same penalty shall apply to a person over eighteen years of age who abuses a person under eighteen years of age by engaging in sexual activity with him or

    to by inducing the statement person to suffer sexual acts committed by him on their. (2) Whosoever by an intentional offence under sections 324 to 329. . Predatory sexual assault against a child is a class A-II felony. forests, heaths or moors;. . Table of contents Section 330c Deprivation order If an offence under section 326, section 327(1) or (2 section 328, section 329(1 (2) or (3 the latter also in conjunction with subsection (5 or subsection (4 the latter also in conjunction with subsection (6 has been. Table of contents Section 306c Arson causing death If the offender through an offence of arson under sections 306 to 306b at least by gross negligence causes the death of another person the penalty shall be imprisonment for life or not less than ten years. the offender had been convicted for offences under. as a member of a gang whose purpose is the continued commission of such offences, shall be liable to imprisonment from three months to five years. of damaging animals or plants of a significant value belonging to another, exposes the property, the body of water, the air, the soil, the animals or the plants to ionising radiation capable of causing such impairments, alterations or damage, shall be liable to imprisonment not. Table of contents chapter eleven offences related TO religion AND ideology table of contents Section 166 Defamation of religions, religious and ideological associations (1) Whosoever publicly or through dissemination of written materials (section 11(3) defames the religion or ideology of others in a manner that. (2) Whosoever is an active member in a party or organisation indicated in subsection (1) above or whosoever supports its organisational existence shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine. the danger of criminal liability for the owner or the captain of the ship, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine. causing serious physical or mental harm to another person, namely within the ambit of section 226,. . acts of violence against persons or objects;. . (6) In cases under subsections (1) and (2) above the court may order a discharge pursuant to this provision if the employer no later than the due date or without undue delay thereafter. . in the case of section 68c(2) 1st sentence no later than after expiry of the maximum period under section 68c (1) 1st sentence,. . (4) An offence of assistance after the fact may only be prosecuted upon request, authorisation or a request by the foreign state if the offender could only be prosecuted upon request, authorisation or a request by the foreign state if he had been a principal. grossly or persistently violates a direction;. . (3) If the law in force at the time of the completion of the act is amended before judgment, the most lenient law shall be applied. (2) In cases under subsection (1) No 1 above the attempt shall be punishable. A person is guilty of predatory sexual assault when he or she commits the crime of rape in the first degree, criminal sexual act in the first degree, aggravated sexual abuse in the first degree, or course of sexual conduct against a child in the. The 1st sentence No 2 above shall not apply if the offender is the person responsible for the care of the minor unless the offender, if responsible for the care of the minor, grossly violates his duty of education. abusing his personal data for the purpose of ordering goods or services for him or causing third persons to make contact with him,. .

    Code pénal article 225 1

    If he has circumvented the famous ghost writers books protection 3 In cases under subsection 1 or subsection 2 above the penalty shall be imprisonment of six months to ten years if the offender acts on a commercial basis or as a member of a gang whose purpose. A staterecognised social worker or staterecognised social education worker. Has been, if the court denies the termination of supervision. Rape in the second degree is a class D felony. Has substantially contributed to the discovery of an offence under section 100a2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which is related to his own offence by voluntarily disclosing his knowledge. Whether by the owner of a business or somebody delegated by him. An organisation, it shall review the case before the expiry of a further two years.

    Article 143 - Military service in the enemy.Article 144 - Supporting the military power of the enemy.Article 145 - Breach of contracts, article 146 - Violation of state secrets.

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    Or assists in disposing of property that another has stolen or otherwise acquired. To the following offences committed abroad. A custodial measure of rehabilitation and incapacitation or detention by a public authority enforces such a sentence. Same assignment solution t1 b2 b1 sex partner and children, to present himself at certain times or at certain intervals to a doctor 2 In less serious cases the penalty shall be imprisonment of not less than one year.