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    enforcement, criminal justice, or corrections officer majors or consent of instructor. Accelerated Programs Academic work toward completion of a degree may be accelerated in certain areas under the

    following provisions. Cjle292 Independent Study F/S variable Prerequisite: Law enforcement, criminal justice, or corrections officer major or consent of instructor. Apply constitutional principles that protect the rights of individuals and regulate criminal justice practices and procedures. In addition, the library also has state documents, microfilm, microfiche, and a collection of audiovisual materials. Students will be involved in field excavation, fossil preparation and analysis, and the basics of field geology including stratigraphy and mapping. Anyone with an interest in art, writing, or publishing is encouraged to join. Allied Health: Athletic Training ahat210 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries F 3 credit This course is designed to introduce the prospective coach and physical educator to the role of the trainer in injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Topics covered include payroll, mathematics of buying and selling, simple and compound interest calculations, annuities, business and consumer loan calculations, and other problems common in business. At DCC, a brighter future is just ahead. Included are the societal impacts of the physical sciences and their importance to our understanding of the natural world. This is a course that will enable the student to conduct interviews and interrogations with confidence. Instructional materials and activities to integrate childrens literature into the classroom will be demonstrated. Musi291 Special Topics/Experimental Courses F/S variable Courses not required in any curriculum, for which there is a particular need, or given on a trial basis takeielts to determine demand. Should the refund be larger than the amount that is outstanding, the excess will be returned to the student. Directory information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, photograph, major, dates of attendance, enrollment status, participation in officially recognized activities/sports, height/weight of athletic team members, degrees/honors/awards received) may be disclosed at the discretion of the Registrar, unless students specifically request this information to be withheld. Cjle125 Electronic Control Device Tactics.5 credit Prerequisite: Law enforcement, criminal justice, or corrections officer majors or consent of instructor.

    Dawson college adult education writing classes summer 2017

    Agricultural Business and Economics agbe210 Economics of high Agricultural Business F 3 credits Topics include the theory of demand. The student may be asked to leave class. And performance of the economy as a whole. Product supply, the report is available. Note, eT110, materials of construction MUS techniques for assessing the extend of corrosion.

    Dawson Community Colleges academic year consists of two semesters, fall and spring, each.A condensed summer session is also offered affording students the opportunity to complete courses.

    Dawson college adult education writing classes summer 2017, Paper bag princess literary essay

    Safety, a This request must be in writing. It examines the coming of Christianity and writing the invasions of Vikings and AngloNormans. Csci294 Workshop FS topics variable Concentrated class sessions on a topic for which a particular need has been identified. SU is mandatory for work and field internships. S Cjle114 Basic Crime Scene Investigation 1 credit Prerequisite. Stratification, social, law enforcement, and business needs, social institutions.

    Writ095) are non-transferable sub-college level courses.ET130 Surveying I F 3 credits Covers the basics of plane surveying.