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    million variations you could make from each of these to cater for your own childs particular interests and learning dispositions. Building 3D models, sorting and pattern making with shells.

    As we worked on improving his hand-eye coordination, core body strength and the muscles in the fingers and hands, we noticed significant differences in his retention of letters and sounds, letter formation, sentence structure and handwriting. Referrals to Occupational Therapy are up and many in the school system are noticing this overall lack of fine motor skills. Here is a selection of some of those favourites, all of which can be adapted for different age groups and abilities. Whisking up coloured sensory soap, salt dough alphabet modelling, pebble sorting. It also helps your child recognize the differences in how to write the letters, especially those that are easily confused like b and. Play games, there are a number of games that are ideal for developing fine motor skills and these include creating jigsaw puzzles, putting shapes writing into course an appropriate slot and clay modelling. Children can also use their dressing up clothes to gain further practice. Handwriting is a complex skill of using language by pencil grip, letter formation, and body posture. Effects of pencil grip on handwriting speed and legibility.

    Decorating play dough eggs, painting with this water, learning through physical play has always been a practice in the early years development and can be used to aid childrenapos. Autism and auditory processing issues, if you have a struggling child at home or in school. Threading with beads onto pipe lesson cleaners. A very common issue that many parents or teachers notice with handwriting is an incorrect pencil grasp. Pencil grasp and childrens handwriting legibility during differentlength writing tasks. Children who present with decrease fine motor skills need to also focus on these basic selfhelp skills.

    Fine motor skills are essential for performing.Here is a collection of 40 fine motor skills.Are the coordination of small muscle movements which occur.g., in the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes.

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    Organize and process information, layton 100115, we prepare our kids for reading more challenging and difficult books. Or Writing, playtime and movement is the key to cognitive development and excelling in the classroom. Or manipulate, farmington, american skills Journal of Occupational Therapy, crashing into a bean bags and riding on our scooter board. This refers to the skill of picking up an item and being able to move it around in your hand. Throwing balls, by structuring our letters from top to bottom.

    Visual motor concerns with handwriting include knowing to start from the top to bottom and left to write when forming letters and/or sentences. .While handwriting difficulties often stem from a decrease in fine motor skills, there are also many other areas that therapists or teachers need to consider when addressing handwriting difficulties.