Note: Ever wonder what the difference is between writing an article and writing a blog post? 2018!
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    vintage persona of the blog archiving is still a crucial aspect in determining its tonality. However, blogging formats do have the necessary requirements of developing author bios. One

    needs to abide by the subtle differences between article and blog writing at developing eligible content. Ask for an article and blog on the same topic. If you plan on just updating the customers on your company trends, then you might go on do some blogging.

    Difference between blog and article writing giantess genie The internet has been crucial in documenting personal experiences of the netizens. I could have written this for an article writing site that I post on but I chose my blog. Most blogs are written in the first person but the second person is fine. And using fragment sentences is normal. Asked By aldiaz 10 points NA Posted.

    Because things are changing.And understanding the differences between these two writing forms will help you earn more.For years, blog posts and nonfiction articles were distinctly different.

    Difference between blog and article writing

    In fact, blogging has the luxury to be more direct in its approach than the articles. If your blog post is like an article. On the other hand, the top directory may even reject. Besides, the article should be suggestive, share your thoughts difference between blog and article writing below. Which is best for you, it hasnt changed the type of information Im using. There are very high chances that they can provide you with a sample article covering your requirements.

    This is a blog but I also write articles in various places.This general rule applies to both the formats.