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    some time to share and discuss their conclusions. Gazing at the distant view, different emotions filled my heart like unity, loneliness, perfection and silence. Why or why not? And

    of course, we think she is a pretty awesome talent, so do try to steer the class in that direction. When students finish, take a couple of minutes to have them partner up and share what they discovered. As a class, determine what are the differences and similarities between poems and novels. You can ask the students to read through the poem a couple of times independently or in small groups, jotting down their thoughts as they go, or you can do a whole-class guided reading of the poem. Include cited excerpts from the poem and the novel to prove claims. Among her numerous awards and honors are the Lillian Smith Award from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rosenthal Award from the National Institute of Arts Letters, a nomination for the National Book Award, a Radcliffe Institute Fellowship, a Merrill Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship. But the desert was perfect, with the smooth sand dunes blending with the setting sun. When Alice Walker was eight years old, she lost sight of one eye when one of her older brothers shot her with a BB gun by accident. Send your class to the website and ask them to find the following: What awards has Alice Walker won? Wednesday evening, Paterno Fellows and. Instructions for You, objective: Alice Walker is a modern day renaissance woman. How can you tell? This completely updated edition offers a fresh compilation of important current criticism on the unforgettable characters and powerful themes in Walker's classic work. It looked like a gold plated sphere that was decorated with ruby stones, shining so brightly that it illuminated the sand underneath. It awed me that this huge desert was formed essay the color purple when thousands of grains of sand united together. Instructions for Your Students Great writers, just like great inventors, aren't one trick ponies. Just when I climbed the steep hill, I was aware of the panoramic view that caught my eyes. Tags: Walkers, Color, Purple, criticism, black. How important was, the Color Purple for Walker's career?

    Poetry is different from novelsmostly in the terms that we use. What themes or big ideas does Walker address. And that of the desert eagles chirping in the distance. We are cat trying to show that Walker is a poet as well as a novelist. There were thousands of hills in every direction. Luckily Shmoop has this poem thing covered. S early life in The Color Purple.

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    S Darling, make plans now to attend the Paterno Fellows springtime Big Event. Created a novel with a strong community of black women that has resonated with readers of both genders and all backgrounds. In this oneday lesson students will examine another of Walkerapos. quot; t really have to pass a test.


    Direct the class to Alice Walker's poem "Be Nobody's Darling" (or just print out copies).There many insects and reptiles around, but they were underneath the sand heaps.Because this story is dark.