Analyse William Butler, yeats s Leda and the swan, paying particular attention to the poem s argument, but also focusing on the way meaning is conveyed and modified by rhyme scheme, meter, rhyme and stanzaic form. 2018!
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    some background and history that is necessary for the reader to understand, it is a Greek myth, Zeus appears to Leda as a swan and Palmerin 2 seduces

    her and she gives birth to Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra which is Agamemnons. There is a pun on the word still; the birds wings continue to beat and are also still as it hovers above without moving. Yeats (1865-1939 focusing on some approaches to evaluate the poem. Leda is nakedly present and the swan is atop her committing rape. In line 2 there is a description of Leda that indicates her physical (and perhaps psychological) state, as she staggers under her assailant. Throughout the fourteen lines, he never uses the names of either of the characters. However, there are many similarities to this story. In the poem, Yeats assumes that the reader is familiar with the myth referred to in the title. William Butler Yeats poem combines words indicating powerful action that indicates a struggle. #8221; Using the binary oppositions of the beauty and viciousness of Zeus as a swan and the helplessness and eventual strength of Leda, Yeats reveals that even the mightiest entities may suffer the consequences of their misuse of power. Born into the Anglo-Irish landowning class, Yeats became involved with the Celtic Revival, a movement against the cultural influences of English rule in Ireland during the Victorian period, which sought to promote the spirit of Ireland's native heritage. This is evident from the very beginning, with the resounding first line, a sudden blow, plunging the reader straight into the violent scene and opening the poem with an impact that echoes. Yeats never abandoned his strict adherence to traditional verse forms. There is some insight brought to readers by the words chosen by Yeats, readers can have different interpretations of each line. Caress is a peaceful movement that usually describes a loving motion. Throughout the entire poem Yeats conveys this image of godly power and imagery through the act of rape carried out by the swan. Leda is not given thought or emotion, and we are therefore discouraged from identifying with her as the victim. The line, Her thighs caressed/By the dark webs is both soft and evil.

    Swan, s conventions and history, creating a somewhat disturbing representation of the myth. As if she is giving. This line could also suggest that this swan is larger than average size. You must discuss what extent the texts genre has affected your analysis. Georgie Hyde Lees she remained a powerful figure in yeats his poetry. The volta signals a change in the poems tone. It is believed that the writerapos. Yeats swan himself was eventually married to another woman. But also alluding to the fall of the Greeks and expressing the power of Gods over humanity. Be argued that Yeats presents a certain lack of violence in his portrayal of the rape.

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    His verse reflected a pessimism essay about the political situation in his country and the rest of yeats Europe. Each work displays a provocative opinion of an explicit crime that is taking place. Furthermore, among them was Helen of Troy. Yeats captures the image with wings beating still above the swaggering girl and her nape caught in his bill. Mastered and the rhetorical questions give it a more reflective feel. With the great wings of the swan still beating above her.

    However, Yeats also uses caesurae, enjambment and irregular sentence distributions, which jar the regular rhythm and quicken the pace, adding to the sense of urgency.Zeus's name in fact appears neither in the title nor the text of the poem; the reader is expected to understand that the swan is an incarnation of the all-powerful god.