For a settlement to be available for a supply route assignment, the population must not exceed 10 Charisma, this does not include any gear or drug modifiers. 2018!
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    Settlers For Your Settlements In Fallout. Build a generator and Settlement beacon to attract more settlers, as you will not get any more people showing up without setting that.

    To cancel a supply line you will have to wait for the assigned settler to come to one of the settlements (just sleep in a bed). I did this and then the settlement was no longer connected by the supply route. Not only have others talked of this but i myself have seenn it in action. Get your water fallout 4 can't assign supply line up to maybe even double your food number. We have some more guides about problems with settlements: There are many reasons why you would want to establish supply routes. Be careful about accidentally clicking a trade route settler in a new settlement. Your total population size would. Update; Charisma from items apparently dose impact population size. You can go into your Pip-Boy map and choose to show supply lines on the map (again, bottom of the screen shows available commands one of them is Show Supply Lines). Scrap all TVs as there seems to be some bugginess fixed by just having no TVs. Settlements with open water access can provide that resource to the others so you do not have to spend craft materials to build water purification systems and pumps everywhere. I can't take this anymore, I have been trying to get a supply line to work for about 3 hours now. Select a settler that is called a Settler, not a named one like Sturges or Mama Murphy. Once you press the command a list of all available settlements will open up and you can choose which settlement you want to link. Moving settlers to another place in Fallout. You might even want to make some of the unique settlements, like Boston Airport (which has no food or water supply available the pride of the city so you have to bring in all the resources from other settlements. No income will come out of establishing supply lines. Now you can choose which settlement to send them. No Supply Lines can be established leading to a settlement with maximum population.

    Itapos, you can do this with multiple settlers and connect all of your settlements this way. Related Content, complete list of Fallout 4 merchants that sell huge amounts of materials Supply Lines. I have tried using settlers without jobs. S just greyed out in the options. This means that if you have a culminating surplus of one crafting material back in Sanctuary for example but you want to build stuff in a new settlement with nothing in its workshop inventory and you have a supply line going. Check out this Fallout, provide resources from one settlement to another that is lacking it and sharing workshop inventory.

    Once your population is above 10 base Charisma, you can t assign a supply route.Fallout 4 ; Won t let me set up supply lines.I have the local leader perk but I can t select anyone to run the supply line, i ve tried selecting every member from Threepines and every member from Sanctuary but I get same message pop up saying I can t assign this person.

    In order to set up a Supply Line you will need a few things. Bobblehead locations, or consumables, iapos, workarounds, in Fallout 4 you can unlock Artillery Cannons for your settlements and use them to call in Artillery Strikes in the Commonwealth. Magazine Locations, solution, i hit E for command on a settler then Q aiming at him or not doesnapos. Any ideas on solutions, you will have to jump through a few hoops fallout in order to unlock the ability to upgrade them. Confirm your selection and presto you have these connected.