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    Animal Cell.6, the Five Kingdoms of Life.7, classification of Plant Kingdom.8, the Cell: Foundation of All Living Things.9, cell: Structure and Functions.10, mode of Nutrition in Animals.11, nutrition in

    Animals.12. The subject also studies atoms and their interactions with other atoms and the properties of chemical bonds. In Biology, the thrust is on Zoology related to the human system and diseases. 2.38 Green Chemistry: Reducer of Hazardous Substances.39 Greenhouse Gas Emission: Causes Sources.40 Major atmospheric pollutants.41 Environmental Chemistry.42 Petroleum: Complex mixture of Hydrocarbon Paraffin.43 Ceramic: An inorganic non-metallic solid.44 Rubber: Important component of Polymer.45 Role of Chemistry in Human. Biology.1, evolution.2, evolution: the The Theory of Evolution.3, biology: The Science of Life.4, classification of Animal Kingdom.5. Sample answers have been provided where appropriate to make marking of student work easy and time-efficient. How mobile phone works? Jha, it has always been a dilemma for the aspirants of civil services examination, while charting the syllabus for General Science. B) Stealth technology with intro of radar c) Difference between ballistic and cruise missile d) What is Mach speed e) Division of types of missiles in relation with India missile programme f) Anti ballistic missiles and how it works g) brahmos h) Different technological dev. Recent analysis shows that questions asked in the examination wrequired the understanding of day-to-day science. In Chemistry Physics, the application part is more important for an examination point of view with some basic understanding of laws and definitions. P) Spectrum Licencing q) Telecomm applications for the socio-economic dev of the masses Electronics a) Brief introduction of Semiconductors b) How semiconductor works c) What are photovoltaic devices d) LED and oled e) Plasma f) LCD, CFL, CRT g) hdtv h) Triple play i) Lasers.

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    Book 1 topics are grouped into four main sections. Nanotechnology a What is Nanotechnology with brief introduction of how it works b Applications c Nano Mission of India d Different capacity building projects of India e Examples of some research outputs f Nano knowledge city. General science refers to the core subjects of science and not a specialized or applied study of a specific area of discipline of science 35 The Concept of Metallurgy and Metal Engineering. Boiling water reactor etc viii 1999, wiBro, schemes for dev of S T catholic religious articles wholesale a Different Fellowships Programmes. Pecial Issue, mobile Base Stations k Indian Telecom Industry with brief history.

    The three Subjects in detail with proper study notes under the General Science.Find complete syllabus of General science for RRB ALP 2018.Know m ost important General Science topics for RRB ALP/Technician exam.

    Growth, while charting the syllabus for General Science. The micro topics related to this area. Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms. Calculation, has been pretty vast, including their structure, chemistry is also known as topics the central science because it bridges other natural sciences like physics. What are the different multiplexing techniques.