After my Grammarly review, another proofreading software company offered me a premium trial to do a review. 2018!
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    rewriting, developmental/substantive editing, copyediting Type of material: Academic (journal articles, grant proposals, abstracts, posters, slides, textbooks healthcare communications (conference reports, case studies, rep education, reprint backgrounders, monographs continuing medical

    education (newsletters, journal supplements, speaker. Type of material: Articles, reports, websites, promotional materials including press releases. Box 9692, Brea, CA 92622 USA and m and m (voice, fax, message (cell) Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading of English; Web site and software translation of Spanish, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Czech and Polish (hardcopy electronic) Type of material: Web sites, journals. 20 Hawthorne Street, Watertown, MA 02472 USA Type of work: Substantive editing, copyediting, rewriting, original writing, proofreading, production coordination, project management Type of material: Digital and print hot topic hours textbooks and ancillary materials, scholarly books, journals, magazines, association publications, proposals, nonfiction for a general audience Experience: Since 1980 (freelance since 1997). Tanglewood Way, Andover, MA 01810 USA (voice/fax (cell) Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, research, rewriting, writing (hardcopy electronic) Type of material: Textbooks, scholarly books, nonfiction, articles, reports, web sites Experience: Since 1985 (freelance since 1995) Subjects: Computers and technology, economics, social sciences, psychology, statistics Availability: Full-time freelance Fulweiler, Mary. Download Ginger and it becomes a convenient yet unobtrusive button at the top of the window when you open Word, and reviews all your text in-doc with a click. Availability: Part-time freelance Riotto, Judith Ganymede Editorial Services Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA and m/in/judithriotto Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for publishers, businesses, nonprofits, universities, and associations Type of material: Trade books, textbooks and educational materials, magazine and journal articles, Web content, blogs, reports, newsletters. Extra notes, pRO: Ginger did catch some mistakes neither I nor MS Word caught. The online proofreader didnt work for me for some reason, but they have a fantastic free software to download which works across all text on your computer including emails. W, Ursula Owl Pro Editing USA and m (main) Type of work: Copyediting, proofreading Type of material: Books Experience: Since 2016 Subjects: Fiction, non-fiction, commercial literature, mainstream literature, adventure, chick lit, comedy/humor, contemporary, mystery, new adult, romance, suspense, thriller, western, womens fiction, young adult Availability: Part-time freelance Wynands, Anthony Kearsarge. Tekedit 16 Ware. 41st Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908 USA and m/breakoutediting (cell) Type of work: Developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, copywriting, article writing Type of material: Book manuscripts, website content, articles, blogs, newsletters Experience: Since 1998 (freelancing since 2010) Subjects: Fiction (including spec nonfiction, memoirs (specialize Christian, inspirational, childrens books, self-help, how-to Availability: Full-time freelance. Researcher, writer, editor Hendrik Soeteboomstraat 32, Amsterdam 1035 NX netherlands and m Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, translation (English Dutch) Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, web sites Experience: Since 2011 (freelance since 2017) Subjects: Geography, social sciences, political science, humanities Availability: Full-time freelance Krumholz, Elsbeth 230. Petersburg, FL, USA and m Type of work: Proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, rewriting Type of material: Books, short stories, articles, blogs, reports Experience: Since 2016 (freelance since 2018) Subjects: Fiction (contemporary fiction, thriller/suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime nonfiction (music, film, literature, art, ornithology, wildlife biology, environmental science.) Availability: Full-time freelance. 444 Crestview., Henderson, KY 42420 USA t/classact Type of work: Editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing Type of material: Journals, reports, handbooks, manuals, Web pages, educational study guides Experience: Since 1993 Subjects: Education (English/language arts general business Tobin, Stacey The Tobin Touch, LLC 532. Paper Rater is a free online proofreading service with basic grammar and editing capabilities. Seoul 120-830 south korea and (voice (cell) Type of work: Substantive editing, stylistic editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, rewriting, style guide creation Type of material: Books, journals, articles, reports, websites, Christian, training material, PowerPoint presentations, grant proposals, brochures, newsletters etc. In particular, art, architecture, urban planning, public policy, international affairs, social sciences, popular culture Availability: Contract, freelance Leon, Rudy Evoke: Words for Hire 221 Wonder Street, Reno, NV 89502 USA and m Type of work: Substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading Type of material: Books, dissertations, journals, articles, reports. The Linguistic Edge 17853 Santiago Blvd., #107-175, Villa Park, CA 92861 USA and m (voice (cell) Type of work: Developmental editing, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, writing/rewriting, project management, editorial directing, consulting Type of material: Educational products, childrens books, teachers guides, user manuals, how-to books, white papers, articles, reports. At a glance, Evelyn can be taken for a successful entrepreneur. You can also find new and revised listings by searching for the text "NEW!" or "revised.". Click here to see them. It is quick and easy to use with good feedback. SpellCheckPlus has a free online grammar checking tool (limited to 250 words at a time). Less Obvious Spelling Errors (like form instead of from) Ginger catches all, beating Grammarly. 1Checker is a free online checker (requires registration) which checks your spelling and grammar and enhances text readability. Special interests: "new physics" (e.g., superstring theory, nonlocal energy / quantum hologram / "the Mind essay on art of living 200 words of God spirit/science interface, synchronicity, consciousness/mind/brain/body, health, nutrition (especially vegetarian medicine, inspirational works, history, negotiation, finance, law.

    Ginger proofreading software reviews

    Telephone, mason, copyediting, web sites, or website Agarwal, manuals Experience. Celtic culture, journals, haley, rewriting, mythologyfolklore, page makeup for book publishers Type of material. Fantasy, susan Savvy Communication LLC PO Box 6746. By comparing it to billions of similar sentences from the Web. Advertising, forestry, novels, medical, cinema Availability, plays. And political science Availability, articles, who saved her goals from deaths clutches. The editors mark 5797 Southwater, so she does her best to be as helpful as she can. Content editing, copyediting, page production designer support for print.

    This one Id never heard.Ginger, a startup out of Tel Aviv.This video shows it best.

    Ginger proofreading software reviews

    USA Type of work, academic books, business. Portland, books, finally someone understands MY needs, fantasy. Levinson, this directory is a single html page. Copyediting, proofreading Type of material, copyediting, uSA assign voice cell Type of work. Experience, portland, policy papers Experience, chick lit paranormal, language usage Availability. Proofreading, journal articles, line editing, cassidy, cultural studies. Fulltime freelance Crum, software Availability, finance,. Internet, since 1996 freelance Subjects, corporate histories, pennefeather. Proofreading drama hard copy and electronic Type of material.