W ith so many fictional series options today, Harry Potter and, twilight are still two of the most popular. 2018!
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    way the actor or the fans could anticipate that the two franchises would develop such a strong rivalry against one another, and that Robert Pattinson would be the one

    real-life link between these two young adult fantasy worlds. Equus gained mainstream attention because Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked in with it, which caused a worldwide stir considering that he was just coming out of his role as Harry Potter. 6 animagus VS werewolf The concept of what an Animagus is in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter became popular during the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie that was released in 2004. But then the, harry, potter comparisons started rolling out. In HP nobody is all good or all bad. In the Potter flicks, he plays Cedric Diggory, a charismatic and honest upper classman at Hogwarts. This is exactly what Twilight does. They are tortured by the fact that their lovers left them bleeding and alone, dying for more, gasping just to catch a small breath. Twilight fan wars are taken seriously by some, doesnt mean that we cant have a little bit of fun with the whole thing, right? The, twilight, saga: Breaking Dawn premiered in 20 giving even more leeway to critical and box office comparisons between these properties. Robert Pattinson joined the Harry Potter franchise in 2005, and only in 2008 would he become the protagonist vampire in Twilight. Well, once again, youll just have to wait and see. Those are a few of my opinions. It was also described in the books repeatedly that she was strong mentally. The war between, harry, potter and, twilight fans was carried out through most of the 00s. This shows that one doesn't necessarily need to be strong but he/she needs to have a good personality and love others. Plus jk rowling drags the whole series AND ITS THE same story IN every book. Twilight teaches us how when we find the right person we will love them forever. Theres something pleasing about a writer alluding to great works. Kristen Stewart went from 18 to 23 during the Twilight films. In Twilight, Pattinson played the lead male character, Edward Cullen, who was only second to Kristen Stewarts Bella Swan. Weve seen her grow from a frizzy-haired snob into a wide-eyed witch, and sure, shes still a bit bossy, but isnt that the best part? But, HP Bella never used her powers for good. All I know is that he played a dead dude way better in Potter than he did in Twilight. Instead, they are neutered versions of these classic characters.

    Harry doesnt seem to be crying about Cedrics death. However, i stated my potter opinion on why Twilight is better than Harry Potter there are so many haters on here. It is not Bellas or Kristen Stewarts fault that the entire Twilight franchise was shot and released in a span of five years 12 hermione wont read twilight Hermione Granger is known for being a voracious reader. K And Voldemort, it is pretty hard to imagine that Dumbledore would be the one yelling out She doesnt even go here. So here, this is a must see movie.

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    One doesnapos, d lines that they knew would be recited on screen. Just made you shoked, dweebs never had the lover to begin with. They giggled at the sight of Edward. He starts a movement and gains a following. That the twopart, works almost exclusively as a campaign for abstinence and the evilness of male hormones. Mean Girls, it wasnt particularly helpful, twilight meme has everything to do with another beloved teenage property that dominates the Internet with jokes and memes year after year. There was always a sort of bitter taste in the mouths of Potterheads whenever Twilight won anything. But its how they do it that matters. On the other hand, sighed at that really terrible And then the lion fell in love with the lamb line.

    Its less copying and more an acknowledgement of what came before, what influenced the words that you write, knowing where you came from.13 vampire baseball IS better than quidditch Quidditch is a very popular sport in the Wizarding World that was introduced in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone and would go on to play a big part in the entire series.