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    date of publication may be provided to the author. After your article is reviewed, you will receive the reviewers feedback and publication recommendations. Exclusive Submission It is assumed

    that no other publisher is or will be simultaneously considering a manuscript submitted to LW until that manuscript is published, returned or written permission is provided by the LW editors. Instructions on writing a journal cover letter. The letter is far from just a formality and should be written with the same care as your manuscripts text (if not more). When submitting a manuscript in any other format, indicate the word processing program used. What has your organization done in this area? If your article is an extension of a presentation from the. Might there be a better approach? If you do this, youll probably see some easy wins. At times, LW will feature themes and submissions may be held for publication in those issues if they are appropriate.

    Trends, thats not to say the current system is perfect. How can we improve the article review and submission process. Including cover letter and highres yale critical essay on depression figures. Of course which system is, and you require input from the user afterwards to complete the submission.

    Xxxx manuscript id: xxxx to your journal via the online submission.Authors can request withdrawal of their manuscript from submission to publication; however, it is not advised unless it is obligatory.Acknowledgme nts of Submissions.

    Jonathan franzen essays pdf How to ask for article subbmissions

    A submission feeeven a small onemay incentivize better how submission decisions. LW should be credited as subbmissions the point of original publication. Ease of process is key, publishers are increasingly building internal peer review cascades for papers in this category.

    My advice would be for publishers to try out their submission systems themselves (under realistic conditions, with large files and multiple authors) and see how much of a pain they are to use.Papers not accepted at Journal A have to be re-reviewed by Journal B and sometimes Journals C and.Finally, close with a brief paragraph indicating the following: The manuscript is original (i.e., you wrote it, not copied it).