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    can be determined by how useful the source is to the question you're addressing or the subject that you're looking. The cost of an asset used to create

    income is essentially amortized over its useful life to give an annual value to the business for wear-and-tear on the asset. These may serve as a basis for useful life calculations. For example, if the source only shows you a picture of a Roman aqueduct, that will be useful in showing the water systems that the Romans created. Likewise, the value of depreciation may present a tax advantage for a new company using short useful life estimates, while an established firm balances depreciation using longer estimates. Needs of the business may impact your estimate of useful life in several ways. Product Specifications, manufacturers of equipment may have data that will help you determine useful life for their products. If you know a shutter usefulness should fire 150,000 times and cameras in your company shoot 500 photos a week, then the average camera will last about five and a half years. Tax Considerations, while a company has some flexibility defining useful life, the IRS has its own guidelines, including useful life values for a variety of asset categories. Unfortunately satisfaction may also come from the effort to attain a harmful or undesirable goal. The very difficulty of attaining the goal becomes a challenge which may have value. Where precisely is Random coming from? However, the usefulness of that source would only be limited to what the aqueducts can reveal.

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    Wikipedia strives to produce articles written with a neutral point of view.Their material is expected not.Any of these issues can limit an article 's usefulness.

    How to determine the usefulness of an article database

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