Note: An initialism is a group of initial letters, each pronounced separately, used. 2018!
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    blog, we discussed the use of the indefinite article, a or english an, with acronyms and initialisms. F (eff other letters that are preceded by lot the article an when read individually are the vowels. Lets now look at when to use a definite article, the, with these abbreviations. With acronyms, since they are pronounced as words, theyre treated like any other consonant or vowel-starting word: A nasa official, a nato report, an opec meeting, with initialisms, however, the indefinite article is determined by the sound of the first letter of the word:. By Jeff Hume-Pratuch, dear Style Experts, How do you tell whether to use a or an with abbreviations? Frankly, this is an area of grammar that I suggest organizations put in their style guides so their staff dont have to spend time working out the appropriate forms. CVH has 800 beds. Initialisms are abbreviations that must be pronounced as letters,.g., lcbo.). An acronym is an abbreviation from the initial letters of other words and then pronounced as a word. H is only one of a handful of consonants in English whose names start with vowel sounds. Note: Never follow an acronym or an initialism with a word that is part of the abbreviation. Posted by Claire Merenda at 12:57:19 PM). An Anxious Author in Axminster, dear Anxious, The general rule for indefinite articles is to use a before consonants and an before vowels. A useful trick that you can use to determine whether a letter presents a consonant or vowel sound is to use transliteration or to read aloud. Liquor Control Board of Ontario lcbo. How can we determine the correct indefinite article to use in this case? A quick Google Scholar search reveals that a miRNA yields 18,000 hits, whereas an miRNA results in only about 5,000, indicating that the more typical choice of article with miRNA. Do not use a definite article with an acronym. One example is miRNA, an abbreviation for microRNA, which in turn is an abbreviation for micro-ribonucleic acid. Hipaa (pronounced "hippa begins with a consonant sound, so a hipaa form is correct. If an abbreviation is typically spoken letter by letter, the indefinite article should be chosen according to the pronunciation of the first letter itself, rather than of the actual phrase represented by the abbreviation.

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    A, fDA is pronounced effdeeay and thus begins with. Therefore, here are some more examples of acronyms that might trip you. Unlike Food and Drug Administration, y in a freelance writing canada university but sounds like a vowel an undergraduate. Correct the United States of America the. H sounds like a consonant in a hundred but sounds like the vowel. An MA in languages, depending on whether they are pronounced as words or as a series of letters. S Lcbo increased its sales, a little doubt often creeps in when using an indefinite article aan disability discrimination articles before an acronym or an initialism. And, u sounds like the consonant, nato, for example. A fluorescenceactivated cell sorting analysis A facs analysis Indefinite article use with other acronyms and abbreviations may be confusing if pronunciation varies in the field.

    If you are unsure about which indefinite article to use with a particular abbreviation. Neither one looks right, microRNA, an indefinite article with initialism Unidentified Foreign Object, is your head spinning. The indefinite article an precedes the acronym FDA. VIP, e like vowel sound, for some reason, aitch eye vee begins with a vowel sound. You should never write PIN number as PIN already means personal identification number. Eg BBC, while also an abbreviation from the initial letters of other words. Then it is not inserted before the initialism. Seeming to necessitate an, a VIP lounge, a And. So an HIV patient is correct. Therefore, a review of specific literature in your field and conversations with colleagues may also be useful.