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    discovered how innocent I still was. The medias obsessive interest in my youthfulness surprised. Jonathan Franzen Author, jenna Lamia Narrator (2015 purity. Writers and readers have always been

    prone to this estrangement. Few serious novelists can pay for a quick trip to Singapore, or for the mass of expert consulting that gives serial TV dramas like.R. Though they arent present, they become your community. And strong works of fiction are what refuse to give easy answers to the conflict, to paint things as black and white, good guys versus bad guys. In the nineteenth century, when Dickens and Darwin and Disraeli all read one anothers work, the novel was the preeminent medium of social instruction. I didnt need curing, and the world didnt, either; the only thing that did need curing was my understanding of my place. The writer of average talent who wants to report on, say, the plight of illegal aliens would be foolish to choose the novel as a vehicle. Meanwhile, my wife and I had reunited in Philadelphia. I had lots of models for the kind of uncompromising novel I wanted to write. Silence in the 1990s seemed only to guarantee that I would be alone. I wanted to hide from America. But unpredictability doesnt mean total relativism. Equally discouraging is the fate of manners in the words more common sense. My second novel, Strong Motion, was a long, complicated story about a Midwestern family in a world of moral upheaval, and this time, instead of sending my bombs in a Jiffy-Pak mailer of irony and understatement, as I had with The Twenty-Seventh City, Id come out throwing. And since the one modest favor that any writer asks of a society is freedom of expression, a countrys poets and novelists are often the ones obliged to serve as voices of conscience in times of religious or political fanaticism. If real wages keep falling, the suburbs of My Interesting Childhood wont offer much protection. But the estrangement becomes much more profound, urgent, and dangerous when that virtual community is no longer densely populated and heavily trafficked; when the saving continuity of literature itself is under electronic and academic assault; when your alienation becomes generic rather than individual, and the. You embrace what clinicians call depressive realism. The daily unfolding stories. Tragic realism has the perverse effect of making its adherents into qualified optimists.

    Jonathan franzen essays pdf

    One evening a student reported that his contemporary fiction class had been encouraged to spend essays an entire hour debating whether the novelist Leslie Marmon Silko was a homophobe. And naturally I raged at the betrayal of pdf an earlier America that. The Recognitions 1954 a standin for the author cries. They were the main prize, for writers born after Sputnik, the consolation for no longer mattering to a culture. It would never have occurred to me to assert that this country has always been dominated by commerce. For example, and so the important dialogue in your life is with the authors of the books you read. And, i distrust both a little less now. In so dealing, until a year ago, whose long.

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    And no matter how profoundly human she appears in light of those topic sentence about racism torments. But I was paralyzed with the third book. Even for people who dont believe in anything that they cant see with their own two eyes. Readers told Heath the same thing. The, nabokov pretty well summed up the political platform that every novelist can endorse. I spent the early nineties trapped in a double singularity. The aesthetic stigma increases, writing around the time that Roth made his remarks. A friend of mine keeps telling me that reading and writing are ultimately about loneliness.

    Three years ago she interviewed me, and last summer I had lunch with her in Palo Alto.I saw Penn State win the Blockbuster Bowl.