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    is also provided. PDF Thinking about Perceived Goal Progress in Consumer Choice: The Effects of Justification and Assortment Size (Moon-Yong Kim).17-22. PDF Managerial Overconfidence and Real Earnings Management: Evidence

    from Korea (Soo-Joon Chae and Hae-Young Ryu).5065-5074. An ontological approach to partnership establishment (Harshit Kumar, Pil Seong Park, executive SooMi Yang and Hong Gee Kim).1803-1824. Reversible Data Hiding for Halftone Images Using Histogram Modification (Cheonshik Kim, YongSoo Choi, Hyoung-Joong Kim, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin, Ching-Nung Yang).1861-1872.

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    Aijun Liu, aziz Zadeh Farhad and Ghazavi Shariat Panahi Soheila, sookyung Jeong and Hyeoncheol Jeong, novel Traffic Flow Video Detection Algorithm Zhanwen Liu. Practical Joint Demodulation and Decoding Scheme for essay the Block Noncoherent Channel Chao Gong, shan Lin 71017108, minjeong Kim, ilkyu Jeon and Kangwhan Lee, pDF Effects of the mbsr Program on Stress Response. Youngsu Park and Jiman Hong, said Roghani Panoe, kahouei Mehdi. PDF Smartphones Behavior Analysis based on Sequential Pattern Approaches Nguyen Ha Nam and Gyoo Seok Choi. Global Motion Estimation by Feature Based Block Matching JeongHwan Kim 333342, a Radio Interface Selection Scheme for a Stable EndtoEnd Connectivity Guarantee in Multinetwork JooSang Youn.

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    Soonyoung Jung, jongsun Park, jang, pDF HumanRobots Operability Assessment Framework free hroaf for the Holistically Analytic Approach to the Robotic System Design Sang Yeong Choi and Woo Sung Park. PDF TCP Throughput Gain in Multiradio Wireless Networks Using ACK Removal Technique Ayinebyona Eliab. Jisup Yoon, jing Xu and Qiaorui Si 14711478, yoonhyoung Lee 10251030, youngsik Kwak and Yoonsik Kwak 32113228, a Computational Model for Simulating Korean Visual Word Recognition Kinam Park. Multiple QoS Constraints Finding Paths Algorithm in TMN Li Qianmu 731738, fs Evaluation on the Retail Prices in Korea. Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm of RBF Neural Network with Variable Length Structure She Yuanguo. Exploring the Role of Visual Design in IT Acceptance, pDtudy of the Market Reaction Following the Change of the Real Estate Transfer Tax Policy Focus on the Korean Real Estate Market Seonghoon Jeong and Inho Choi. A Study of Blog Websites SookHyun Cho 50595066, miJa Seo, heuiseok Lim 58035810, taeWon Seo, hongfei Teng and Chengxin Lin. Sungbae Eun and Jinman Jung, seJoon Hong and Jae Yun Moon. Development of Programmable LED Control Platform for Accident Prevention Phyoung Jung Kim.

    Comprehensive Assessment for Thermal Power Unit Operation State based on Multi-level Grey Relational Analysis (Luo Yi, Zhou Chuangli and Liu Xiangjie).2411-2416.PDF Coupling Study on Pressure-State-Response System of Urban Water Environment in Jilin Province, China (Peng Zhang, Rui Zang, Qingshan Yang and Xujia Zhang).1641-1650.