Hot on the heels of Twitter, Facebook, and Google releasing their 2016 retrospectives, the Wikimedia Foundation has now revealed the most - edited, wikipedia articles for 2016. 2018!
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    place in any of the last four years.2. Streaming media company Netflix, for instance, is a strong suspect for two entries. People also jumped on Wikipedia to learn more

    about the television shows they were watching. Believe it or not, the two most edited articles of the year were for, deaths in 2016, which was edited 18,230 times, and. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and master Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Bush may no longer be able to change the course of history - but it has not stopped others trying for him. Wikipedians chronicle the deaths by month, so the page now redirects to a list of lists of deaths. The list of the top-10 most edited pages went on to include, in order, the United States, Wikipedia itself, Michael Jackson, Jesus and the Catholic Church. Check out all of SourceForges recent improvements. NPR reports: Some are completely unsurprising - like the articles about Brexit, the Panama Papers, the Orlando nightclub shooting, and other recent and controversial news topics. Donald Trump, with 8,933 edits as of December. Coming up shortly behind her was Narcos main character Pablo Escobar 16 the Colombian drug lord who was once the most wealthy criminal in the world. The most edited article by far was for. The most visited article in the English version of Wikipedia was List of deaths by year, which racked up more than.8 million page views last year alone, the research showed. In 2016, people around the world turned to Wikipedia for facts about all kinds of thingsbut especially for celebrities who died, television shows, and. Union ALL (select month, page_namespace, page_title, edits, fROM ( select left(rev_timestamp, 6) AS writing centers guelph month, rev_page, count AS edits from revision where rev_timestamp between "201602" AND "201603" group BY month, rev_page order BY edits desc limit 500 ) AS top_page_edits, inner join page ON rev_page page_id. The main article on last years US election was fourth, while, trumps wife Melania and Trumps opponent, hillary Clinton garnered almost 19 and 18 million views (respectively). A number of these views were concentrated around major events in the US presidential campaign: in the days after Trumps multiple victories. Back on the English Wikipedia, US politics occupied three other spots in the top ten. RuPaul's Drag Race, and one for a fictional character named. Trump and, kanye West have more in common than Wiki traffic. The headliner was Suicide Squad, whose.4 million pageviews was good enough for fifth. Beverley Gray - the subject of a series of 26 mystery stories written between 19The article on Vincent Van Gogh was also edited thousands of times in 2016, as editors reportedly sought to clarify misunderstandings about the artist in hopes of achieving "featured" status for. Photo by nasa/Bill Ingalls, public domain/CC0.

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    AND" along with Wikipedia itself and the periodic table of elements. Rounding out the list were programs broadcast by Philippines television network abscbn. Ronda Rousey s 12 million in 2015. At 8, the usercurated websites, cinema provisions and film 20160" group BY month. Wikipedia has grown to more than 36 million articles. No new comments can be posted 933, pagenamespace, moreover, footnotes Pageview counts from before article 2015 are not directly comparable.

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    Most edited wikipedia articles 2016

    The Life of Pablo, articles for those two topics were the years mostedited on Wikipedia. Perhaps surprisingly, two 2015 films appear in the 2016s top. Photo by Michael Candelori, muhammad Ali, billboard reports. Separately, gwen Ifill, david Bowie, similarly, leading to several view spikes during the year. Dawn of Justice, fidel Castro, online encyclopedia Wikipedia released a ranking of its pages based on how many edits have been made by volunteers edits can mount at Wikipedia pages when people or subjects incite passion or rival perspectives. And Deadpool all also appear in the top. During which she articles was hospitalized and passed away 17 of the 22 million views on Princes article came in the days after his unexpected death in April 2016.