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    incorporate your pooch into your routine with articles about everything from traveling with your dog to finding ways to stay healthy and fit together. 11, 2018 A specific virus

    changes dietary behavior of fire ants, leading researchers to rethink control methods for the invasive. Terms of Use, popular Articles, recent Comments, our Apps and Plugins. Scientists clone genetically-modified dog that 'glows' when given antibiotic 7/29/2011 - Mad science continues with the recent announcement that South Korean scientists at Seoul National University (SNU) have successfully cloned a genetically-engineered (GE) dog that they say glows "fluorescent green" under ultraviolet light when fed. These drugs come with a whole busload of side effects and warnings, including, according to the aspca ironically, increased anxiety.(1) Dogs who react to stress with aggression can. However, evidence suggests that dogs might also be able to sense when people are ill or even dying and increase their comforting attention accordingly. Hank Liers Part 5: Superior nutrition for pet health 12/30/2007 - The following outline is part five of an interview between Mike Adams and. Dogs proven to engage in moral evaluation of people and animals by observing their behavior 11/27/2015 - A Yale study is shining new light on the complexity of the canine mind. 16, 2018 Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, the park's ecosystem has become a deeply complex and heterogeneous system, aided by a strategy of minimal human. At the tender age of seven, while his friends were spending their allowances on frivolous things like candy and toys, Jose Adolfo Quisocola was busy saving money for more essential purchases. Depressed dogs now targeted by Big Pharma 3/8/2010 - There are many that thought, following the Pfizer/Dr Reuben scandal, that Big Pharma could not stoop any lower in their relentless pursuit of profits. Dogs can smell lung cancer in humans 4/10/2013 - Canines apparently possess a unique olfactory trait that allows them to sniff out the presence of cancer in the breath of people with the disease. Read news article, peru Teenager's Innovative Eco-Bank Teaches Kids About Finance And Recycling. Why is Fido dead? 21, 2018 A collagen formulation mixed with pancreatic cells is the first minimally invasive therapy to successfully reverse Type 1 diabetes within 24 hours and maintain insulin independence for at least. I consider conventional vaccines to be extremely risky. Study: Dogs improve health of their human companions 1/23/2007 - According to a recent study, dogs may be mans best friend in more ways that previously thought. The researchers found widespread genetic diversity: 125 breeds in the sample and. Epidemic of medicated dogs calling into question sanity of their owners 7/20/2014 - More and more vets are prescribing mind-altering psychiatric drugs for dogs they've diagnosed with depression or anxiety. How to travel with your dog 11/21/2010 - In today's world, dogs are considered part of the family and more and more families are including their dogs when traveling. Knowing that massive profits could be generated through the bodies of pets, drug companies have spent two decades pursuing an aggressive campaign of rewriting vet school curricula. Now, scientific support for this idea may have come in the form of an experiment performed on owners and their dogs. Here are a few that made our list of 2018s most noteworthy. It doesn't take much intelligence. A recent test by Clear Food, which uses DNA analysis to independently evaluate the actual content of foods, indicates that labels can be deceiving. Brace Yourselves, Winter Is About To Begin! Dogs detect cancer with 90 percent accuracy 3/26/2015 - The future of cancer screening may not be in expensive, invasive tests, but simply in having dogs sniff a urine sample.

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    According to local reports, officials.Cortisol-sniffing dogs ease anxieties of special needs children 1/17/2015 - It's often been said that the act of petting an animal can help reduce a person's stress levels, but what about having a dog sniff you to help you essentially do the same?Medical/Health Articles (15 articles learn how to keep your best friend in tip-top shape with these articles on dog health.