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    Too quick acceptance of a paper and a timeline that would not allow enough time for quality peer review may be cause for more investigation. Here are some questions

    to ask when selecting journals for publication: Who is the Publisher? Here are some definitions: Scholarly Journal Articles: written by experts (majority have advanced degrees contain original research, cite other activities sources extensively throughout their work and contain works cited section use academic or complex language, and may include disciplinary or theoretical lingo published by a scholarly. A publisher that has a high number of journals (50) and is recently established may be more questionable in terms of their ability to do high-quality peer evaluation of submitted materials. "Evaluating Open Access Journals" is licensed. Citation export support for Refworks, EndNote Web, and Zotero. Are the journals articles listed in major databases? New Journals list on the browse screen. A non-profit organization may have more altruistic motives for launching an open access publication than a for-profit organization. Peer Reviewed, peer reviewed articles are scholarly articles that have undergone a review process by other experts in the field before being published (hence - reviewed by their peers). If it's an open access journal, do they have an oaspa Membership? Link visit highlighting, browsing journals by subject as well as title. Is the publisher a member of doaj? Do they have a recent date of establishment and an unusually high number of journals? Find Scholarly Peer Reviewed Articles, popular Sources: Non-scholarly sources can contain a wealth of well-researched information for your topic, but writing their intended audience and their review process is different than scholarly sources. IFs are sometimes considered a quantitative and objective measure of the quality of journals and, increasingly, by implication, the scholars who publish in them (the higher the IF the higher the quality). Can I use non-scholarly sources?: Yes, but make sure you follow your assignment guidelines. What Peer Review standards do they use? Journals accepted into doaj tend to be more reputable. While this practice is sometimes used by reputable open access and traditional publishers, direct e-mail solicitations are a possible sign that one should spend some time researching the publisher before responding. Some assignments will ask you to use a specific number of peer reviewed articles plus sources of your own choice.

    Did they solicit your article or chapter. But there are other tools, you will also hear the term peer reviewed articles. Written or produced for a general audience and are informal in tone and scope. What is the quality of the articles in the journal. Who is on the Editorial Board. Newspapers and books have an editor review the work but are not peer reviewed tend to be short 200500 words. With improved display of caption information and support for the CoolIris plugin for Firefox and. Note that open access sometimes involves a fee to be paid by the author to support publication and peerreview costs. However, just remember to evaluate your sources thinking to ensure they are appropriate. You will need to make your own judgements about the quality of the journal in the absence of an authoritative list.

    IFs are an index of the rate at which papers published in a journal are subsequently cited in a given year. What is the journals acceptance procedure. Or look up board members on the Internet article overwatch to review their credentials. What is their profit model, scholarly Sources, ulrichapos.

    Check if the journal has an impact factor.Check if the peer review guidelines are openly posted by the journal or contact the journal to ask for details about their peer review process.Is it a reputable publisher in your discipline?