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    contractions; (He's just gone.;What's he say.?) e) features of colloquial style such as asking the audience questions as the speaker attempts to reach closer contact. She was awarded the

    Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her work in 1961. She left her job and put together a series of short stories about life in the South, which she first submitted for publication in 1957. The idea of the fight between justice and injustice is given their unobtrusively. The speech reverses the publicistic style which it represents two variants: oral written. Repetitions and numerous parallel constructions allow the lawyer to seem more persuasive, to make people think over his words, to make his speech more clear for the audience. Moreover stylistic devices are determined by the conditions of communication: jury represents uneducated unliterary people. Harper Lee has a remarkable gift of story-telling. If the story were written from the point of view of Atticus or the author, it would turn down as a mater-of-fact narration. The most outstanding aspect of, to Kill a, articles mockingbird's construction lies in its distinctive narrative point of view. He brings an example of schools where the stupid and idle are promoted with the industrious (substantivized adjectives and then underlines about that all men are not created equal, employing syntactical parallelism accompanied by anaphora: some people are smarter than others, some people have more opportunity, some. Her notes revealed the emotions and feelings of the lawyer, his changing condition during the process of the trial. The adult perspective also adds a measure of hindsight to the tale, allowing for a deeper examination of events. But these two children do instead of playing in the yard.

    And with cinematographic fluidity and subtlety we see a scene melting for into another scene without jolts of transition. In spite of being a good lawyer. The book became an international bestseller and was adapted into screen in 1962.

    The authors point of view would prevail and writing the reader could think the author foist his opinion. The events of the extract take place in the court of Maycomb County. The message of Happer Lee is that in the face kill of court each and every human should be treated honestly. Education or colour of skin, atticus words in direct speech have more effect on the reader. S account is broken into two parts. Scout tells us about the reaction of the jury. And the summer of the trial and the autumn that follows.