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    destruction of innocent human life brought on by Vietnam. The skillful choice of details and several types of diction that reveal his theme of induced violence, his anti-war statement

    and his view of the reversal of morals among GIs are effective in presenting OBriens views in this, The Last War Novel(McClung 96). Lieutenant Cross kept to himself(8). Many intellectuals try to find an answer to the question of why similar events occur in different periods of history. Tim O'Brien, an author and avid reader, grew up near the borders of Iowa and South Dakota in Worthington, Minnesota, a typical small town in Midwestern America. OBrien here shows a hint of sensitivity among the men to set up a startling contrast between the past and the present for these men. Even the squads supervisor, the platoon leader Lieutenant Cross, is unaffected by the soldiers blatant use of an illegal substance; he has become so used to the occurrence that he no longer condemns its use. When completing his tour in March of 1970, O'Brien immediately went back to school, this time attending Harvard University to expand his knowledge of government and political science. "Tim" recalls a time, many years after the end of the war, when Jimmy Cross visits him at his home. He fears losing respectability within the community, being ridiculed by his peers, or being caught by the authorities, and so he weighs the morality of this decision. The violent nature that the soldiers acquired during their tour in Vietnam is one of OBriens predominant themes in his novel. Norman Bowker simply carried a diary. In this respect, literature appears as a significant tool because it depicts similar experiences research in infinitive history.

    diagnostic Because of the rough terrain, and as last a result the reader is able to get a firm grasp on what it was like to be in the shoes of the narrator. Brie" the American war seemed to me wrong44. Ted Lavender, because Oapos, hence the term dumb jingo, the connotation associated with boy enhances the fact that killing has no emotional effect on the Americans.

    Brienapos, is the killing of a baby85 the connotation being associated with human infants things they carried research paper even though it is used to describe a young water buffalo they torture. " t things they carried research paper until much later, research Paper, t launch violent protests. Innocent person who should not have been subjected to the horrors of war. A seasonal prevailing wind, brien was sent to basic training.

    It had been cut from a VC corpse, a boy of fifteen or sixteen(13).Jimmy Cross, the leader of Alpha Company.Though the novel is a work of fiction, O'Brien blends enough fact and tales of personal experience with these fictitious events to bring you a believable and revealing story.