Too, big, to, fail : Six Things The Fed Must. 2019!
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    for the economy if they systematically pursued adding profitably value for customers, rather than pursuing short-term profits for themselves. Smash the Dodd-Frank logjam A massive and well-funded counter-campaign

    is under way by the financial sector to prevent the Dodd-Frank regulations from ever being completed, let alone taking effect. Customer accommodation consists of security or derivative transactions conducted in an effort to help customers manage their market price risks and are done on their behalf or driven by their investment needs. At first, these bad profits were achieved through practices that were shady but not strictly illegal. Milken Institute, That happens now because generally accepted accounting principles in the US (gaap) allow banks to conceal trading in derivatives. The inspectors are always several steps behind the innovators aka rogues, such as the London Whale. Reinventing central banking: from inspections to managing complexity. The problem is that the professionals have been largely keeping this expertise to themselves, instead of sharing it with investors who can also act. Investors cant truly understand the nature and quality of the assets and liabilities. When narrative I read JPMorgans own report on the London Whale, I was struck, not just by the arrogance and the errors, but also by the quantity and quality of brainpower being deployed in socially useless activities,.e. Asked when he last had spoken to an unemployed person, he said that one of his own relatives was out of work. .

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    Chairman Bernanke is thus bowlby very conscious that the Feds strategy of shoveling money into the banking system has yet to have much positive effect the real economy. Dani Rodrik makes the case in a terrific article. Banks that dont comply should be classified by the OCC as unsatisfactory management. Even if it were known exactly. Collateralized debt obligations CDOs There is no full disclosure of what Wells Fargo is doing in collateralized debt obligations CDOsthe derivatives that led to the 2008 meltdown. Presumably an unimportant category of minor residuals. The term interest income sounds like innocuous traditional bank lending. An oblique approach will often be more effective. The fact that that the smaller regional banks are more profitable on average than the big banks already proves the point. Just imagine what this talent could accomplish if it was deployed on expanding opportunities and reducing risk for the real economy.

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    The reality is that encouraging the Fed has barely begun to use one of its most powerful. The financial sector will exploit all the preceding issues in a furious counteraction that would end up pour discrediting the Fed if it were to launch an explicit effort break up the big banks. Although the conventional wisdom is that the Fed has done all it can to resuscitate the economy by pumping money into the banking system and hold down interest rates. Even a liberal critic like NobelPrize winning economist. The presence of VIEs on Wells Fargos balance sheet is a signal that there. The disgraceful story is brilliantly documented in article by Haley Sweetland Edwards in the Washington Monthly. Paul Krugman 5 trillion of exposure to complete unknowns.

    The New York Times reports : At his news conference last week, he spoke about the issue in personal terms.They cant readily assess the reliability of the capital to offset real losses.First, there is no consensus that size is the issue.