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    paragraphs concluding sentence plays an important role. A rainbow seen from an airplane is a complete circle. The first one has been done for you as an example.

    Furthermore, in the European system, students usually take just one comprehensive examination at the end of their entire four or five years of study. They may be too general, or they may be too specific, or they may be incomplete sentences. The history of astronomy is interesting. Write too general, too specific, or incomplete on the lines next to them. Not to mention mad cow disease. It could serve as a supporting sentence but not as a topic sentence: The slang expression so long (meaning goodbye) is probably the corruption of the Arabic salaam. For example, Stonehenge in Britain, built 3500 years ago to track the movement of the sun. Similarly, a reader wants to know generally what to expect in a paragraph, but he or she does not want to learn all the details in the first sentence. All paragraphs have a topic sentence and supporting sentences, and some paragraphs also have a concluding sentence. Key to 2 Examples: Eskimo languages have as many as 32 words for snow; falling snow, snow on the ground, snow packed as hard as ice, slushy snow, wind-driven snow; Aztec language has one word for snow, cold, and ice. Following are some of the supporting sentences that explain the topic sentence about gold. The last sentence in the paragraph is the concluding sentence. Part of the topic sentence that expresses the main idea. Paragraph 2 In European universities, students are not required to attend classes. Ice age people recorded the appearance of new moons by making scratches in animal bones. Good topic sentence. Write good topic sentences for the following paragraphs. In the North American system, on the other hand, students usually have numerous quizzes, tests, and homework assignments, and they almost always have to take a final examination in each course at the end of each semester. In some large ocean fish, there are high levels of mercury. Designed to help students improve their writing skills, regardless of academic grade or proficiency level, Time4Writings 8-week courses provide more in-depth practice and one-on-one instruction by a certified teacher. _ best topic sent. They may even relax on a chaise while snacking on yogurt, words of French and Turkish origin, respectively. Let's look at the paragraph from the previous lesson. People who live in deserts, on the other hand, use the most available materials, mud or clay, which provide good insulation from the heat.

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    A topic sentence should not have unrelated controlling ideas. State and local governments must continue to bridge the achievement gap so that children may reach their full academic potential at an early age. A classic example, the Eskimos, for instance Examples are perhaps the easiest kind of supporting detail to use because you can 12 sentence paragraph template for step up to writing often take examples from your own knowledge and experience. What examples does the writer use to support this idea.

    Anonymous Then, the is " Online shopping will be more popular in the future because of these three reasons?No, that's not.A summarizes the main points of the paragraph.

    Topic sentence concluding sentence

    Our perception of the world depends sentence to a great extent on the language we speak. This sentence is too general to be the topic one. Thesis proposal, cold, review, please upload essays, and ice. And any other study resources, russia, is made of green cheese.

    Many cultures interpret rainbows in positive ways.An example: A statistic: A"tion: Paragraph A: Paragraph without Support Red-Light Running Although some people think that red-light running is a minor traffic violation that is no worse than jaywalking, it can, in fact, become a deadly crime.