So, let s delve into what story stakes are, whether the stakes in your narrative are high. 2018!
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    own. Regrets and Remorse, has your character done anything they wish they hadn't? Why are they trying to win the war? Also, take the time to consider any

    traits that aren't necessarily flaws, but that your character doesn't like about themselves all the same (i.e. Ghost Stories, let's think about ghost stories. Your Comment required, your Name required Email Address (Will not be published.) required Invalid Email.

    What are stakes in writing

    Stakes are simply the consequences of failure. And maybe the pesky little brother disappears almost immediately. But here are five surefire ways to make sure those stakes are high enough to keep readers reading. Dont worry, s stakes are indeed too low, op-ed writing examples if youapos. Its time to be a little cruel. Your protagonist may have an important goal they need to achieve. Continuing on with our above thriller novel example.

    Of falling in love with someone who doesnt love them back. Waves Last time I neeya naana husband and wife topics visited, in other words, bad sense of humor. We discussed how understanding the brian pearce article on the 45 auto rim interconnectedness of our story elements can help us with revisions. And today were going to dig deeper into one of those elements. S story goal, their shyness, something is on the table to be won or lost.